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Article by Piliour
December 28, 2010

BCS Computer Crashes, Bowl Games Canceled

Less than a week before the major BCS Bowl Games were to be played, the computer system used to rank the Top 25 college football programs crashed. The unexpected events destroyed the computer’s hard drive, taking with it any and all evidence of which teams were poised to play in the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl,... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 2, 2010

Syracuse is Playing in the Pinstripe Bowl!

No, seriously! Syracuse is playing in the Pinstripe Bowl! After countless losing seasons, the Orange are bowl-bound. Huzzah! On Thursday, December 30, ‘Cuse will take on a Big 12 team in their first bowl game since 2004. So, when I said earlier (two sentences ago) that there had been “countless” losing seasons, I actually meant... MORE »