Wow. Im a huge jerk. Sorry I didnt post yesterday, it was literally a nightmare of a day (well, not really, but I was running around the whole day). On top of a class that is 4 hours long, doing homework for a sophomore level class and preparing for that large event that many freshman girls go through that bind them to a specific group of women for the rest of their lives, its a lot. And believe me, I got my fair share of karma back in my face. My favorite jacket, ID and key went missing (the key and ID were inside my jacket :[ ). for me. ūüôĀ

Recently, my friend Tyler sent me a mixtape that I was confused on why I hadnt seen it before. The tape is called The Jack Johnson Sessions (2010) by M.i.. I’ve actually never heard of him before I was approached with this mixtape but I really liked what I heard when I put it on. His flow is pretty solid and the song choices are excellent. Some of the songs he uses are:
Its All Understood
All At Once
The tape has 15 tracks on it all of which I can say that I definitely like. I dont think theres one track on this album that I dont like. Need something to day drink to? This.

I feel like even though its snowing out, its time to start getting your spring playlists together (I swear to god if that rodent tells me I have to see snow for 6 more weeks, hes going to be punted) and setting them aside for those warm days. Adding on to this is a song called Lions by The Features. Its funny because usually Im not a fan of the music apple uses for some of the apps but this one caught me off guard. It was featured on TapTap2 for the iPad and the up beat tempo and explosive opening kept me interested.

The next song featured has a lot in common with Lions. It has the same up beat tempo that makes it versatile for any party scene (being last night I heard Dirty Talk, then Tearin Up My Heart, followed by Semi Charmed Life so at this point, im preparing to hear anything at parties). Its called The Whip by Locksley, a folk and filk band straight out of Phoenix, AZ (eventhough I was convinced they were from England).The song makes you feel like youre having a good time whereever you are. Try listening to it when youre in a bad mood, I double dog DARE you.

Finally last but not least, what kind of person would I be if I didnt provide a mashup? This one, while I am slightly confused by the image that goes along with it, the song is great. It brings together 2pac, Kurupt and Usher with 70’s hit Carly Simon‘s You’re So Vain, which is actually one of my favorite songs…. ever. Deff an A+ song for your spring mix.

So enjoy that, If I dont post within the next few weeksish, its because Im literally losing my mind. But I promise Ill make it up to you in cookies, love, and more music once tapes start dropping.

DEFF look out for next week, two tapes are dropping and one of them is by someone who MAY be coming here…. But Im not giving any info out because it’s still in the works.
Okay. Ive nodded off 4 times while writing this.

Bitchin? Indeed.

Someone find my jacket ūüôĀ