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Article by Piliour
January 10, 2012

BCS Blah Blah Whatever Recap by My Girlfriend

This is a recap of last night’s BCS Championship game, as perceived by my girlfriend. So last night there was a football game between Alabama and LSU. I guess it was a big deal because my boyfriend made me DVR Gossip Girl so he could watch. And I figured, “Why not? It’ll give us something... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 7, 2012

The BCS: What Is It?

It’s come down to this. The last game of the year. Winner take all. For all the marbles. No turning back. Other clichés. What am I talking about? Why, the BCS Championship, of course! But what, exactly, is the BCS Championship? It seems that no one really knows. And even if you explain it to... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 6, 2011

Mascot Wars

Everyone has that one friend (usually a female) who correctly predicts the outcomes of major sporting events based on heavy research. Namely, “Oh, I just LOVE that color! And the mascot? So CUTEE!!” So I decided to see what would happen if I took that approach and applied it to the BCS Bowl Games. And... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 5, 2011

Bowl Games: A Conversation

Some people just don’t understand sports. Friend: Ok, so what does BCS stand for? Me: Bowl Championship Series. Friend: Ok, so then how can there be a BCS Bowl? A Bowl Championship Series Bowl? That’s redundant”¦ Me: No, it’s not redundant, it’s”¦ok, it’s redundant. That’s just what it stands for. Friend: Whatever. So how does... MORE »

Article by Piliour
December 28, 2010

BCS Computer Crashes, Bowl Games Canceled

Less than a week before the major BCS Bowl Games were to be played, the computer system used to rank the Top 25 college football programs crashed. The unexpected events destroyed the computer’s hard drive, taking with it any and all evidence of which teams were poised to play in the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl,... MORE »