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Picture by apost
October 30, 2011

How to Not Look like a Crack Whore

Cornell University wants their students to be well put together during job interviews. No school wants students to portray their university poorly. So, due to the raging number of, coked up, 80s rock band groupies, coming out of Cornell, Ives Hall thought it necessary to post these do’s and dont’s of job interview attire. We... MORE »

Article by Brian W
April 12, 2011

An Interview with Faegans Bar Manager Jamar Clarke and More

Jerk Magazine luckily scored an interview with Faegans Manager Jamar Clarke. Clarke answered a host of questions, ranging from his worst customer to his love for Will Smith. Although, I kinda wish they asked him… “So, how often does the manager of one of the best bars in the nation get laid?” And from CollegeCandy... MORE »