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Article by Eric Pratt
February 5, 2012

James Franco Disciplined for Internet Release of First 290 Project

The James Franco’s short film “UNDERGRADS – Episode 1″ met with great controversy last Friday when it screened in his CTPR 241/290 section. The room buzzed with feedback from his fellow students in the introductory filmmaking class, but professors Doug Banks and Mary Ford were grim in their analysis. “Well, I enjoyed the film,” said... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
January 31, 2012

How to dress like you make (no-budget) movies: a Fashion Guide

Film students are pretty much the same no matter what school you go to. Because let’s face it: there is a dress code. I’ve spent time at NYU, and east coast indie filmmakers dress almost exactly the same as USC kids ““ just with more scarves. Looking to get your student filmmaker wardrobe on? Here’s... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
October 31, 2011

I Just Want A Nice Jewish Girl to Snuggle With and Watch The Human Centipede 2

By Gary Shelderblatt    I feel like I’ve really matured since my college graduation. I’m done with frat parties, bar crawls, random hookups, and drinking myself into a coma every weekend. It’s about time I settle down and find that special someone who, on the occasional Friday night, will just stay home with me and... MORE »

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Video by Anonymous
April 14, 2011

SUParties and MTV for MayFest 2011!

We Are Joe Spadafino, Zack Stanek, Juan De Los Llanos, and Emily Coon. Join Us at Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity (AKa Crow) The Sickest Frat On Campus, MTV! As Our Crow Frat Friends Throw The Craziest Party For Mayfest! Thanks to Danny! These Highlights Are Just Little Things Compared To What is in Store to... MORE »