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Picture by Syracuse Staff
August 26, 2010
Article by Kevin Slack
August 26, 2010

Guide to Dorm Life: Posters Part II

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for–the exciting conclusion to our Top Ten Most Annoying and Over-Used Dorm Posters ever. We pick up where we left off with a perennial favorite: 5. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s While James Dean from Part I of our series is more of a unisex poster…Holly Golightly... MORE »

Article by emcorbet
August 26, 2010

Guide to Freshman Orientation Events

Welcome to the incoming class! Behold Syracuse University, the land of the shitty-weather and home of an even shittier football team. Make campus your oasis, and before classes start, hit up the orientation events that our precious tuition money is paying for. (Seriously, attend them. I’m paying $50,000 for you to get free food in... MORE »

Article by Piliour
August 25, 2010

Guide to Dorm Life: How to Make Friends

Ok, so you’re in your dorm. You’ve met your roommate, and you’ve decided one of three things: 1) this is going to be my best friend for life, 2) I could see hanging out with him/her a few times, or 3) I am going to suffocate this person with my pillow as soon as my... MORE »