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Article by Eric Pratt
February 5, 2012

James Franco Disciplined for Internet Release of First 290 Project

The James Franco’s short film “UNDERGRADS – Episode 1″ met with great controversy last Friday when it screened in his CTPR 241/290 section. The room buzzed with feedback from his fellow students in the introductory filmmaking class, but professors Doug Banks and Mary Ford were grim in their analysis. “Well, I enjoyed the film,” said... MORE »

Article by eeeeeeeee2
January 24, 2012

Follett’s Bookstore closing; Managers presumably now among the 1%

In spite of Occupy Wall Street and other “Occupy” movements that have cited the growing discrepancies in the distribution of wealth, it appears the 99% have lost additional fellow comrades: Follets Bookstore is closing in February as its managers and owners have set their eyes on trading in their 99% working class attire for new... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
January 23, 2012 1 Comment

Win $200 Cash With College Book Renter!

Do you like free money? Do you like not working very hard for it at all? [Cue cheesy music] Hi, I’m Alex Rosenthal. And if you answered “no” to either of these then I can’t really help you. Also you’re a weirdo. But if you answered “yes” to both, then College Book Renter‘s blog and... MORE »

Article by Piliour
August 25, 2011

Student Literally Pays Arm and Leg for Textbook

Amir Rahman was not going to pay $327 for a book on cell biology. “First off, I wasn’t going to buy the book at all until I found out that we had a midterm on Wednesday,” says Rahman, a sophomore at Purdue University. “I figured I’d go into the bookstore, bring a pad and paper... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
September 7, 2010

Students Buying Textbooks in Schine Bookstore Still in Long Ass Checkout Line

Sophomore Brian Carter had an hour in between two afternoon classes last Monday so he thought he would buy his textbooks to pass the time. Little did he know that 168 hours later he would still be waiting in line. “I thought the line for the Aerosmith Rock  “n’ Rollercoaster at Disney World was long,”... MORE »