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I am the author of the book "REmembering BECCA", recognized as a runner-up for the romance genre at the Los Angeles Book Festival. I am a creative writing major. Don't worry, I am hilarious...or so they say...
February 27, 2012

The Girl With The Oral Fixation

Dear girl with headphones and a severe oral fixation, Can you ever leave your mouth alone? You’re either biting the nails on your left hand, covering your mouth with your palm, or biting the nails on your right hand, as if biting the ones on your left hand simply wasn’t disgusting enough. Seriously, they have... MORE »

February 20, 2012

Emory Buildings Found To Be “Penis Provoking”

“Some things are penis provoking.” Excuse me? In what rational, sane, university appropriate conversation would someone say that? Apparently in one that takes place at Emory, because that’s where I heard it. But why would someone say this? Don’t worry, I did some serious, undercover investigating, and I figured this one out for you. Let... MORE »

February 17, 2012

Coke Legend Stuck In Carbon Freeze?

Legends don’t die. They get carbon froze…freezed?…frozened?…frozen in carbonate. MORE »

February 5, 2012

STDs Hit Emory Hard

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really all that healthy for me to be going to school next to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). All of my friends have been getting sick! (None of which will be mentioned in this article for the purpose of anonymity…and because, of course, I don’t actually have any friends…*sigh*... MORE »

February 3, 2012

One Month Later Emory Still Bitter At BCS

On January 9th, the Alabama Crimson Tide rode an historic defensive performance to a 21-0 rout of the LSU Tigers, and an unquestionable claim to the national championship. One month later, students at Emory are still irked by the stubbornness of the BCS committee. “I can’t believe this,” spoke out one student, who asked to... MORE »