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Article by Piliour
November 21, 2011

Administration Reverses Decision, Bans Football Team from Game

Last week, Columbia administrators banned the marching band from playing at the final football game of the year against Brown after band members altered the words of the fight song to “Who do we even try, we always lose, lose, lose.” Now, however, it seems that administrators have changed their minds, repealing the band ban... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 11, 2011

Penn State and No Teller

After grueling, exhausting, never-ending minutes of trying to decide how to spin the Penn State fiasco into something humorous, I realized: it cannot be done. Sure, I could make a joke like, “I would have expected something like this at a school with a “Saint’ in the name, but a state school?!” And sure, some... MORE »

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November 9, 2011
Article by Sdolph2
November 8, 2011

Sports: Little sisters of the poor draws in exhibition games against Bulldogs.

A group of nuns are very upset about a common phrase using their organizations namesake. They were especially resentful when Gordon Gee (Commissioner at Ohio State University) commented that in the Big 10 football conference “We don’t play little sisters of the poor,” obviously implying that nuns who are part of this organization are weak... MORE »

Video by AE
November 7, 2011

ECU Streaker Video!

Kid with dirty feet streaks across ECU’s football field during ECU V.S. USM game. 11/05/11 Check out his mug shot: https://www.reflector.com/jail-booking/121251 MORE »

Article by Rud
October 22, 2011

Football Team Starts Admitting They’re on Football Team

    In a crazy twist of events this Saturday morning, the football team has begun admitting they’re on the Syracuse University football team. After their hard-earned win against the West Virginia Mountaineers Friday night, pride was at an all time high.     “I used to just say I was ‘an athlete’ when people... MORE »

Video by apost
October 12, 2011

Who You Gonna Call? BILL MURRAY!

Over Fall Break Cornell is a ghost town. The only people on campus are athletes and townies. The Cornell Big Red Marching Band desperate for some attention called on the only man they knew would answer their call….Bill Murray? Apparently Billy Murray is still there to answer the Ghostbusters’ hot line. Check out the SNL... MORE »

Article by Piliour
October 10, 2011

Entire Campus Too Drunk to Attend Football Game

Saturday was like any other day at Marist. Birds were chirping. The wind was blowing at approximately 104 mph. And everyone was sippin’ on the finest of brews: Natural Light. The difference on this fated Saturday, October 1, was that certain people didn’t know where to draw the line. And by “certain people,” I mean... MORE »

Article by Alex R
October 9, 2011

Week in Review

Real World Casting: The hit MTV show “The Real World” came to Syracuse to look for future cast members. Unfortunately nobody that auditioned was New Jersey enough for the show. SU Football: We lost to Rutgers at home and play at Tulane. Where is Tulane anyway? Flu Shots: Health Services is giving out flu shots... MORE »