Between “Inglourious Basterds,” “Drag Me to Hell” and “District 9,” I thought 2009 was the year of mismarketing, but I’m guessing the hosts of last evening’s Get Painted and Plastered Party were going for some ill-advised revivalism.
Not only was there an insufficient volume of paint, there was an insufficient volume of alcohol. Or at least an insufficient volume of time to consume it in. The evening’s festivities suffered from severe pacing issues. DPS came entirely too early. The narrative barely reached 11:30, a sad and sorry excuse for a complete arc, underserving the third act virtually entirely.
For a party billed “Wear shitty clothes, and get ready to get shit-faced” on its Facebook page? Pathetic.
I also take issue with the evening’s framing. The Yellow House venue is one we’ve all become familiar with over the years with its bland, square compositional lines and lack of visual dynamic. I mean, there are only so many places to stand when you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with 150 other people in a rectangular lot. But the other night was particularly egregious. Aesthetic nightmare.
The one thing I can commend is the score. Thundercloud is a pair of master sound mixers. The dips and swells pulsated through an apathetic crowd. But partying is an experiential medium. Aural design should be secondary to atmosphere.
All in all, a tragedy, which was not the genre by design.