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Article by ramapops
February 28, 2012

Study: Collegiate Sports Lead to School Spirit; College Officials Outraged

MAHWAH, NJ: A disturbing new study done at Ramapo College of New Jersey seems to link participation and/or support of campus athletic teams to a dramatic increase in school spirit. According to Ramapo census takers, who conducted the survey by repeatedly sending out duplicates of the same email until students got tired of sending it... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
January 28, 2012

Best College Athletics Commercial Ever

Does your school’s golf team have a girl who hits a golf ball so hard the Eiffel Tower falls over? What about a guy who hits a baseball so far the moon shits itself in terror? No? How about a soccer player who kicks a ball hard enough to explode, then reappear in Italy to... MORE »

Article by Danny Fersh
March 31, 2011

With America taking cover for the coming baseball storm, I give you my Major League preview, in poetry form.

The Phillies and the Red Sox are every expert’s picks But what about the Yankees, those pinstriped New York pricks? They might not have four aces, or Theo Epstein’s additions But what they lack in talent, they make up for with C.C.’s three chins. Then again there are the Giants ““ the defending champs are... MORE »

Article by SteveLerner
March 31, 2011

Jeter response to new batting order: ‘Look at my wife’

One of the most talked-about stories in this tumultuous baseball offseason has been the possible loss of Derek Jeter’s leadoff spot, a spot in the batting order he has held for fifteen seasons. When asked about relinquishing his spot in the order, essentially a demotion, Jeter said “have you seen pictures of my wife, Minka... MORE »

Article by Danny Fersh
March 28, 2011

Five SU baseball fans I can’t stand

From November through March, there is no better place to bea sports fan than Syracuse University. For those long, cold winter months every year the entire student body unites behind one of the nation’s best college basketball programs, as if to use the body heat emanating from Scoop Jardine’s perfectly round head to warm our collective... MORE »