CuseMyCampus Exclusive!

Senior Editor Brian Winston sits down with Chris Hutsko to discuss the fire that erupted at Manley Field house Monday March 22nd. The fire caused electrical outages in Euclid and Comstock neighborhoods for around 30 minutes.

Brian: Hi Chris, thanks for taking your time to meet with us.
Chris: It’s Jack. Er, Um.. John…Jacky John.
Brian: Okay, you told me your name was Chris.
Chris: Yeah”¦ well, yeah. It is. Well, um, is this going to be published?
Brian: Yes, but only on this small stupid website that nobody even reads.
Chris: Oh, ok. In that case, can you just call me John?
Brian: Sure. Where are you from, John?
Chris: I am from Orange County, California.

Brian: So, you want to tell us what happened yesterday?
Chris: Yeah, there was this fire. And, I was walking by, and I was like, ‘”Oh look, a fire!” I walked over, and Manley Field House was in flames!
Brian: Right, so the police and firefighters are saying you had something to do with how it all started.
Chris: No. They’re lying. There was so much smoke, you couldn’t see a thing.
Brian: K, so you’re saying you had nothing to do with this fire?
Chris: Well, yeah”¦ um, no. I don’t know, I guess I had something to do with how it started.
Brian: Elaborate”¦

Chris: I was walking by Manley Field House and this crazy homeless guy was screaming, “I hate my life! I’m gonna burn this mother down!” And I said, “You better not!”¦you better not!”
Brian: Did you try to stop him?
Chris: No way, man. He was fucking nuts. He had them crazy eyes! Next thing I know, he’s setting fire to the building.
Brian: The police said it was an electrical fire.
Chris: Yeah. Well, like I was saying, it was so electrical. Tons of sparks, and lights, and stuff.
Brian: I don’t think you know what an electrical fire is, but that’s okay.

Brian: The police report also oddly stated that you weren’t wearing any pants when they arrived.
Chris: Yeah, it got hot. Err.. well, I took them off to help stop the fire.
Brian: Did you really think you could put out a raging fire with your pants?
Chris: I’ve got a raging fire in my pants right now.

Brian: Chris, what’s your major?
Chris: Communications.