Hey Brian, what’s good man? So good to run into you, I almost didn’t recognize you, its so dark. So random, right? Guys, this is Brian, he uh…he lived on my floor last year. 

My summer was fine, worked a little here, just hung around at home, nothing too special. How about you? 

Good, that’s good to hear man. 



Where are we going tonight? 

Uh…nowhere, we’re just walking around Euclid at 11 o’clock at night. Sometimes we just like to do that, helps us…gather our thoughts and stuff. 

Yeah, why wouldn’t we do that on a Saturday night? What’s wrong with that? 

No…I don’t know about any party tonight, sorry man. I know you’re looking for one, so I’ll definitely text you if I hear about anything. 

No man, you can’t get in anywhere with us because we’re…not going anywhere, right? We walk around with two dudes and 8 chicks all the time, I just have a lot of friends who are girls. 

Yeah, they always dress like streetwalkers. What? Don’t judge them, you’re better than that. 

Well have a good night man, I hope you find that party. Yeah, let’s definitely hang out soon. 

No, that wasn’t alcohol on my breath, what are you talking about? Listen, I gotta run, we’re all going to a…meeting! Right now!

What? Sorry, I can’t hear you…yeah, bye!

Holy shit, what a douchebag.