Hands down the best place to be in a bar is the line to the bathroom. 
It’s the easiest place to get a number. 
In most bars Chucks, Faegans, etc. the line for the little boy’s room is right next to the little girls. Women are not children anymore and they don’t always need their girlfriends to hold their hand while they pee. They are often isolated from their friends standing quietly pretending to press buttons on their blackberry. I like to utilize this opportunity while I am waiting to pee to make casual conversation and collect her digits. 
I make a comment about anything. She has nowhere to go. She cant walk away – she’s in line. I make sure my comment is very random. Zach Galifianakis is not famous for his sexy body. Hes famous because people want to hear something random. Not a cheesy pick up line. Just something random.
 After she gives me her attention I follow up with a simple serious question such as “So what year are you?” If shes completely not into it Ill let her go shes prolly on her period or just really has to piss. Otherwise”¦ She opened the door.
 You don’t have a lot of time so after a few lines back and forth its time for one of us to enter the bathroom. I tell her it was nice to meet her and ask her if she wants to “exchange information” I don’t say “Can I have your number?” “exchanging information” sounds so fair, I am doing her a favor.
The other night after my less than a minute long conversation in which I told her my plans for the evening.. “I’m with my friends and were prolly going to Chucks in a few”  she says “ok have fun at Chucks” I said “Man I just met you”¦ and your already telling me what to do” I never went to Chucks but Ill get to know her a bit texting and meet up with her later. Maybe Ill continue the story with my textniques in another article.
Thank you for your time,
The Euclid Wallflower