Whoa, I just realized something. 

Ever notice that like, most of the year girls wear leggings and those leather boots (awesome) or Uggs (disgusting) and like a black Northface Jacket? I know, right? Like EVERY GIRL DOES. It’s crazy!
Well like…Halloween rolls around, and all the girls go out in these like, really, really slutty costumes! What, are these girls all calling each other the night before and coordinating outfits? Is it like a big conference line where they all decide? 
All I know is, that’s a phone number I’d like to have! Ha Ha! Zing!
I’m serious, though, like look around come Halloween. I’ve never noticed it before. It’s all thigh high stockings and garters and lingerie and stuff! Look around! I’m not kidding! 
I know, it’s hilarious, right? I’m big on social commentary. 
Dressing up is easy for guys, they just pull out a jersey from their closet and go out as that athlete. But wow! Look at these girls! It’s like I just walked into the Red Light District! Because that’s full of prostitutes! Get it? Whoa!
Seriously, someone back me up on this. It’s like, so true right? Am I right? Up top!
And hey, what about that Syracuse Football team? Boy, do they suck! They should be called the Syracuse Suckball team! Kapow!