Seniors Keith Truell and Laurel Ventura reunited for the
first time since their freshman year last Friday at an off-campus house party
on Livingston Avenue. The two ex-floormates were both aware that they had
shared residence at Boland Hall three years prior, and while they briefly made eye
contact numerous times at the party, they were both were painfully indecisive
on whether or not they should actually greet one another.


Although Truell and Ventura are friends on Facebook, it is
ambiguous as to how their friendship can be defined in real life. They hung out
occasionally freshman year but it was always in a large group and not often
enough where they actually had each other’s individual phone numbers or
anything. They sort of recognized one another’s faces but hadn’t spoken in
person for a few years, and Friday’s unplanned reunion was somewhat awkward for
both parties.


“I wasn’t sure if she remembered me,” said Truell. “I saw
her from across the room and I gave her a quick, “I-know-you-but-not-really’
look. She shot me a similar look but I didn’t know if she was just being


“I remembered him, but I figured too much time had passed
for him to know who I was,” remarked Ventura. “I think we were teammates in
Boland 5 trivia night that one time. I debated asking him how he was doing but
I figured that would have been way too awkward.”


When Truell finally approached Ventura, they spoke for a
good 30 seconds before it resulted in dead silence. They then returned to their
regular friends and proceeded to get shitfaced.