It’s that time of year again! Time to put the razors by the wayside and let your hair flag fly! And boy do we want to see your hair flag. Wait, that sounds weird.

What we want to see are pictures. For anyone participating in No Shave November, take a picture of your face on November 1, and again on November 30. Upload it to the site and tell your friends to vote. Whoever gets the most votes (via Facebook likes) wins a free bag of his favorite candy! Bonus points if you also upload a picture of some kind of crazy beard once you’ve shaved (see Brian’s in the photo for an idea of what we mean).

The Rules:

1. Thou Shalt Not Shave: Do not even think about touching the razor. Just don’t do it. Don’t trim, don’t snip, don’t edge, just don’t do it! It’s only 30 days! Grow a pair. And then see how hairy that pair can get.

2. The Neck Rule: There are some discrepancies about whether shaving the neck constitutes shaving. In our contest, it does. Don’t shave your neck. It’s the equivalent of using steroids.

3. Midnight Madness: No Shave November starts and ends at midnight. So, you cannot shave after 12:00 am November 1 or before 12:00 am December 1. NO EXCEPTIONS!

That’s it! So if you can grow a sick beard, there’s candy in it for you. And if you have a weak-ass beard, still upload your pics because we want to see how hilarious you look. For all you ladies out there, if you want to participate using your legs instead of your face, by all means.

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Are you looking for a website that is dedicated to the No Shave November Cause? Look no further than