Step 1: Fill out the petition form.

Step 2: Sign the petition form.

Step 3: Bring the form to the chairperson of your department for his signature.
a: Figure out who the chairperson of your department is.
b: Discover that the chairperson is away for the week and that no one in his office can sign for him, despite the fact that he has a stamp with his signature for that very reason
c: Forge the chairperson’s signature yourself

Step 4: Bring the form to the college dean for his signature

Step 5: Bring the form to your faculty advisor for his signature
a: Discover upon entering your faculty advisor’s office that he is also, in fact, the department chairperson, and not happy to return from his trip to see his signature forged

Step 6: Fill out a “Change of Faculty Advisor” form

Step 7: Sign the faculty advisor form

Step 8: Bring the form to the chairperson of your departm”¦shit.

Step 9: The semester has ended and you never completed the petition form. You also never went to class, so you failed.

Step 10: Petition Syracuse University to start a Form-Filling-Out Class.

Step 11: Fill out a petition form”¦.