Your standing around at a bar with your friend sharing stories while you scope out the scene and the conversation being sexual leads to the dirty door. Your friend is explaining his night with his girlfriend and another friend says “Oh when I did it I thought it was “Gritty”

No one has ever used this word except to describe anal sex. I am pretty sure Webster’s defines it as “Gritty- The analvirgin’s word for it probably feels different than poon.” It is only used by people that have either never had it or they have but it was once and they were drunkenly pounding dehydrated poo.

I am confused about what part of a woman’s rectum is actually gritty. Pink is the universal insides of mammals. Every hole is pink on the inside. Even their eyes are pink if you peel back the lids. Yea an ass doesn’t salivate like pussy but it’s still soft. Soft and pink”¦ just go back and forth between the front door and back with your middle finger a few times to share the juice and check for stool and your good to go. I promise it won’t feel gritty if it does pull out and gently suggest she seek a medical professional. 

The Euclid Wallflower

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