We here at CuseMyCampus love pranks. What a better way to spend your morning/afternoon than screwing with your best friends?

Pull this awesome prank on an unsuspecting roommate, or friend who you just don’t like. Here are the steps.

If you have access to your friends computer:
  1. Find your friends computer.
  2. Open up their favorite browser and head to the settings/preferences panel.
  3. Fire up this page https://www.cusemycampus.com/alert.php
  4. Make it their homepage.
  5. Awkwardly hover over their shoulder as they read the website.

If you don’t have access to your friends computer

  1. Copy this linkhttps://bit.ly/cU6hiJ
  2. Paste the link in your email
  3. Send it to your friends saying, “I can’t believe what Doug Marrone said on the Syracuse page.” – or something clever like that.
  4. You’re a diabolical genius.
To check out how it all works, follow this link: https://bit.ly/cU6hiJ
Here’s the Gotcha link they receive at the end: https://www.cusemycampus.com/gotcha.php
This should be good!
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