Today was a sad day for freshman Sarah Shelowitz when her rumored to be invincible Macbook Pro suddenly crashed, turned off and would not turn back on again

“All I was doing was taking black and white pictures of myself on photo booth while waiting for my friends to come over to drink some healthy apple juice before painting the town orange! (puns?)” Shelowitz explained bewildered.

When asked how many pictures shes believed to have taken on Photo booth since she first got her computer at the end of august, “oh, a little over 87,000” She answered. Yep, that would do it.

“I thought Mac books weren’t supposed to crash! I mean that’s why I got it! well, that and for photobooth, I’m literally obsessed with it!” That you are, Sarah, that you are.

ITS was able to recover her school work but when she tried to access her photobooth file, all of her photos were missing. These included her black and whites, her sepia’s, pictures of herself in different shirts with her head tilted to one side, her group shots with her girlfriends (“the outside girls always have their hand on their hip! always!” according to Shelowitz), her funny stretch photos, and her silly fake roller coaster, aquarium and cloud photos. Shelowitz, devastated, dropped to her knees and wept, only to realize she can start all over with new photos!

Giddy with excitement, Shelowitz clicked on the photo booth app only to see a window pop up that simply said
“No way, Jose! Sorry, your photo booth”.

Shelowitz collapsed once again in utter devastation and called her father, sobbing.
Her new Mac Book Pro will arrive this Thursday.