Man on the Moon: Peace-loving students at SU have had a record week with the selection of Damien Marley to support Kid Cudi for Block Party and the upcoming “Day of Peace;” unfortunately, chaos-loving students have countered their tranquil holiday in celebration of Cudi’s performance by declaring Wednesday “Drivin’ Drunk and Doin’ My Thang” day.

Blocked Party: Students on Tuesday flooded the SU athletics website in hopes of getting their hands on Block Party tickets. After sending ticketmaster and SUathletics into chaos, Ticketmaster responded by hacking into the SU power system and shutting down SU’s electricity and hot water to “teach those dang kids a lesson.”

Exlax: The men’s lax team (ranked No. 1 in the country) will take on No. 2 Virginia in a game that will hopefully answer the question: how do you decide whose ball it is when it goes out of bounds?
Update — We Won!

Senior Moment: After a victory last Saturday at then No. 11 Georgetown, the Orange look to finish the season strong tomorrow against DePaul in the annual “Beat-the-Shit-Out-of-One-of-the-Two-Bad-Big-East-Teams” Senior Day.

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