Now that “Mayfest” has been tainted, students have decided to try and focus on the good that is still left””the free beer. What will it be? How will it be served? Busch Light? Keystone? Natural Ice? Cans, bottles or red Solo cups? With how money hungry our university is, people have been very curious about this “free beer” being handed out during “Mayfest” in “Walnut Park” to students “21 and over”. Well, you have the right to be suspicious because obviously SU isn’t going to give away free beer that they had to pay for! Blasphemy!

SA and UU at SU brainstormed for 5 months straight until one day, Jon Barnhart, SA president, was flying back to Syracuse when he decided to flip through the Skymall catalog, conveniently located in the seatback pocket in front of him. He skimmed the pages and then, he saw it””like a glowing light shone a home brewing kit. “Eureka! Was my initial thought, Said Jon. “I thought, what better way is there to afford to hand out free beer for 5 hours on a lovely April day than to brew our own! It’s genius!” With the excitement killing him, he used the in-cabin phone to give his close and personal friend, Nancy Cantor, a call. “The conversation went very well. She told me “I think that’s an excellent idea, as a matter of fact, I’d like to help out’ I was floored!”
As soon as the package arrived, Jon and Nancy began brewing in Nancy’s hilltop castle, “It became an issue when the wonderful aroma of wheat filled the air. Boys from DKE were lining up! We had to turn them away, but not before Nancy invited them in for orange and white half-moon cookies!”

The taste has been described as “Blue Moon meets Guiness. I say that because it’s packed with orange flavor to represent our great university, and we kind of messed up the brewing kit, so it’s just really think, like Guiness.” Said Jon. What is this beer called, you ask? “‘Sponsored by SA’ is what we’ve decided to call our beverage. It’s great PR and says a lot more than a small flyer crammed into a napkin dispenser in dining halls.”

So there you have it””the secret behind this “free beer” to be handed out at “Mayfest” this year to the likes of 21+year olds.

Bring a flask.