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Article by Piliour
April 20, 2010

SA Funds Invisible Man

SA Funds Invisible Man This semester, SA decided once again to deny funding to most groups. They did, however, fund one group’s proposition to bring The Invisible Man (featured in photo) to campus for a one-hour performance. On Monday, many groups showed up to the budget hearing to attempt to convince SA one last time... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
April 7, 2010

Mystery Mayfest Beer Brewed by Nancy Cantor

Now that “Mayfest” has been tainted, students have decided to try and focus on the good that is still left””the free beer. What will it be? How will it be served? Busch Light? Keystone? Natural Ice? Cans, bottles or red Solo cups? With how money hungry our university is, people have been very curious about... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
April 5, 2010

SA Fest (aka MayFest)

SA has announced that they will be sponsoring their own version of Mayfest, in an attempt to revive the holiday that SU is trying to ban. Their Mayfest will not take place on Euclid, which means”¦IT ISN’T MAYFEST! While it remains to be seen what will ACTUALLY occur on this fraudulent Mayfest, and WHERE it... MORE »