Carmelo Anthony, the man who helped deliver Syracuse
basketball’s first and only national championship, has a new role model in Fab
Melo. In fact, Carmelo has considered changing his name so that the back of his
jersey, like Fab Melo’s, can simply read, “Melo.”

“I’m the original Melo,” said Anthony. “Why didn’t I think
to change my name earlier? From now on, I want to be known as Car Melo.”

Most Syracuse fans are putting aside the fact that Anthony’s
first name would be Car, if the name change goes through.

“For all I care, that dude can change his name to Yellow
Melo, or Melo Out, or Suck It,” said long-time “Cuse fan David Steinberg. “He
won us a championship, I’ll call him whatever he wants.” Added Steinberg,
“Hell, if he signs his name by just drawing a car, I’m getting a Sharpie and
drawing a car on my number fifteen jersey.”

Anthony has also mentioned that he would love to play with
the new Syracuse prodigy in the future.

“Two Melos on one court? It’s unstoppable!” said Anthony.
“Plus, that guy is like nine feet tall, so that doesn’t hurt either.”

Fab Melo is rumored to be grateful that the 2003 Syracuse
legend reveres him for his jersey name and his abilities on the court. He could
not be reached for comment because he was too busy being awesome.