In a relatively unsurprising turn of events, Donte Greene returned to Syracuse Sunday afternoon to curse the Men’s Basketball team as they fell to Louisville for only their second loss of the season. For those fortunate enough to not remember, Greene spent one year with the Orange, “leading” them to a brilliant quarterfinal exit in the NIT before fleeing to the NBA.

So what was Greene doing back in Syracuse on Sunday? “I heard that this team was pretty decent,” Greene said while referring to himself in the 3rd person, “but let’s see them try to win with Donte Greene in the building. That shit will never happen.”

Sitting in front of the student section, Greene was greeted with a smattering of boos and halfhearted applause when introduced, and was shown flashing his “Dynasty” sign to anyone still paying attention to him late in the second half. Louisville then proceeded to go on a 9-2 run, from which the Orange never recovered. “Got “em!”

And that NBA career? “It’s going great,” beamed Greene, “can’t you see these diamonds?” After spending the majority of the first year in the Developmental League, Donte now suits up for the Sacramento Kings. “It’s great being in the big leagues where I belong. Sure we just lost our 15th in a row, but we suck so much I still get to shoot. It’s a great situation for me. Shoulda seen my 0-for-7 against the Wolves. Classic!”

The general consensus surrounding the Carrier Dome following the loss was that Greene needs to stay away. “We’re finally recovering from the Donte Dynasty and he really has to show up while we’re challenging for #1?” proclaimed a young fan still fuming 20 minutes after the final buzzer. “For the love of hell just leave us alone!”