On the first day of classes, something that happens every
year”¦happened. Again.


Students of all ages, scratching their heads and staring
blankly at their schedules, headed into Marshall Square Mall, where they
proceeded to wander aimlessly around, bumping into each other, looking for a
Spanish class or a math class that, somehow, is taught in a mall.


Kevin Robertson, a freshman undecided, was among some of the
wanderers who found their way into Syrajuice. “I really thought my Spanish
class was in there,” said Robertson in his defense. “I mean, I got a burrito.
It seemed Spanish enough to me.”


Others were not as fortunate as Robertson. Kim Chandler, a
sophomore in the School of Architecture, decided to leave the mall after
sitting upstairs for over two hours. “I didn’t really know where else to go. I
ended up getting a new sweatshirt from Follett’s, and then I went home, logged
on to MySlice and dropped the class. If I can’t even find it, how the hell am I
going to pass it?!”


Underclassmen were not alone in their bewilderment. Junior
student Brian Zwerner was just as baffled as his younger peers. “I’ve been here
for 2 years and I had no clue why my schedule said that I had a class in MSqM,”
adding, “Why the fuck are there classes in a mall?!”


Why the fuck, indeed.