In case you have not seen the flyers (see image) and chalkings around campus, there appears to be some sort of event that will be taking place on the Quad this Wednesday at 12:35. While details surrounding the event remain unclear, one thing is known for sure: there will be hot girls there. It also seems to be indicated that we are encouraged to take pictures of said girls during the event. No, of course it’s not creepy! They tell you to do it!

Digging for more information, I sat down with a source involved with the event and asked her a few questions:

Z: So, I understand that you’re involved with the event that will be taking place on the Quad this Wednesday?
H: Yeah, you could say that.

Z: I’ve been led to believe that there will be hot girls there, is this correct?
H: Umm, yeah there will be some attractive girls there.

Z: That’s great to hear. Now how hot would you say that these girls are going to be?
H: Well, I mean, they are models. It’s for an upcoming..

Z: Models!? Woo! How many models will there be??
H: You didn’t even let me finish my last my last response”¦.but there will be maybe 15 -20 models. Like I was saying, it’s for…

Z: 20 models, damn!
H: Will you stop interrupting me?

Z: And I can really take pictures!?
H: Yeah”¦you can take pictures. Do you even want to know what the event is about?
Z: No, not particularly. But what else can you tell me about these models?
H: You’re an asshole.

So, there you have it folks. Everything you need to know about Wednesday’s event brought to you by your most trusted source for Syracuse News.

Wednesday. 12:35. We’ll see you on the Quad, and be sure to have those cameras ready!