No, you didn’t read wrong. Unless you’re drunk, then maybe you did. But just to confirm, Chuck’s and Faegan’s were both voted number 32 and 28 in the nation, respectively.

Allow me to put that into perspective for you. There are (for the purposes of this article, since I didn’t feel like looking it up) more than 50,000 universities in the country. This means, that of the top 50 bars in the nation, Syracuse has two of them.

“How is this possible?” you may ask. Well, it’s quite simple. Chuck’s and Faegan’s are the shit.

Sure, Chuck’s is often covered in spilled beer, broken glass and vomit. And sure, it’s near impossible to get a drink (for info on that, click here). But it’s college. And this, my friends, is what college is all about. Nowhere else can you get a pitcher of beer on a Friday night for less than $4. Unless you live someplace so awful that alcohol is a necessity, like in New Jersey.

And sure, walking through Faegan’s on a Wednesday is like trying to hack your way through a jungle. But you can drink for free! If you’re lucky enough to know whether to call heads or tails.

So while you may hate on Chuck’s and Faegan’s, it would be wise to think again. Because they’re pretty sweet.

Plus, they’re really the only bars we have. So deal with it.

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