1. Have a Barbecue

It may have been hot in Syracuse these past few days, but
savor the nice weather since it won’t last very long. Today is one of the last
opportunities you’ll have to kick it in your yard, cook burgers, enjoy a few
beers, and toss a football around with no shirt on while listening to Jack
Johnson. You can still do all those things once the snow hits, but I wouldn’t
recommend it unless you’re unusually hot-blooded or something.


2. Don’t Go To Work

It’s called “Labor Day” for a reason. I’m not sure what that
reason is, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since nobody labors today
at all unless they’ve been pregnant for the past nine months. If you try going
to work, your building will probably just be locked with all the lights off and
you’ll just look like an idiot. So stay home.


3. Party the Night Before

You should’ve already done this, and if you didn’t, what the
hell? No school on Monday means boozing heavy on Sunday night. Hopefully, you
got together with your friends and celebrated the first official holiday of the
school year. But if you stayed in, well, I hope you at least improved your
World of Warcraft ranking online.


4. Sleep In

If you followed the previous tip then you’ll probably end up
doing this on your own. Not that you have any morning classes anyway unless
you’re a freshman or an education major, but a day off always means more
precious sleep time.


5. Do All the Class Assignments You Inevitably Put Off For

Actually, nah. It can wait until tomorrow morning. Stick to
the sleeping and hanging out on the porch.