As a former TA for this class I feel that I have a duty to share some important information and tips on how you can get the most out of your Wine and Beer Appreciation experience.  This is strictly a review of the class, and an informative piece on how you can enjoy it more.  Also, this would probably be more helpful to you if you are enrolled in the class, so, if you are not, semi-colon parentheses.

First of all, to be successful in Wine and Beer Appreciation be serious about learning SOMETHING about wine and beer.  If you want to take a class merely to get drunk then, congratulations!  You just paid a $100 class fee to get buzzed for an hour (slightly at most), fall asleep, and then not pay attention for the rest of the class and wonder why you failed. Bad student.

Chances are you’re taking the class with a friend, and, if you’re not, it’s probably too late to make new friends.  In any case, sit next to someone who takes good notes, or who is just willing to share them with you (bringing an extra glass of wine for cute girl your sitting next to isn’t a bad idea. (I’m not sexist ““ what guy takes good notes? (I said GOOD notes”¦this is too much digression))).  Since the entire lecture is posted on Blackboard (or as I like to call it, Satan’s asshole), taking good notes consists of printing out the slides for that week’s lecture and taking notes on WHAT PROFESSOR BARR SAYS with respect to that slide.  If you do this I guarantee that you will not fail!

Now that you’re saying to yourself, “fuck this class!”  I do have good news.  If you stay after class you will most likely find extras glasses of wine and beer.  This is a great opportunity to power through your buzz and go straight to shit-faced!  Knocking back 6 extra glasses of wine or beer is the perfect pregame for Monday and Tuesday nights (I’m assuming you’re mostly seniors taking the class and therefore should be going out every night of the week!), especially if it’s a home game night.

Did you know Professor Barr owns the Glen Loch Restaurant in Jamesville?  Of course not ““ why the fuck would you go to Jamesville?  Anyway, talk to him about it.  Chances are that he’ll offer you and your friends a free meal if you go.

If the class is still in the same lecture hall in Lyman, be prepared to strip down when you go because you will not make though the fires of hell, which is that classroom.  For some reason the Physical Plant decides to re-route all the steam used to heat campus into this one room every Monday and Tuesday night.  I don’t know why.

And finally, make friends with the TA’s.  After all they pour your beverages, so don’t fuck with the people that pour your drinks.  If you talk to anyone who was or is friends with a TA you will find that it is a very good thing. 

Drinks after class?  I think so!

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