Freshmen were quite surprised during Orientation Week when,
instead of Goon Squad, they were greeted by the SU football team.

“It was a big mix-up,” says Laura DiCarlo, one of the
advisers to Goon Squad. “We have two listservs, one of which is the Goon Squad
and one of which is the SU football team, which we have listed as, “Goons.’ So
naturally you can understand how this happened.”

 “To be honest,”
said Goon Squad member Jessie Peterson, “it actually wasn’t a terrible thing,
to have the football team move people in. They’re all big, strong guys, you’d
think they’d be naturals.”

You’d be wrong. To quote DiCarlo, “It was a nightmare.”

It took the football team an estimated 39 minutes to move
each individual into his/her dorm room. Many times, a player was about to enter
the dorm when he fumbled a freshman’s stuff. Even more often, the stuff was
intercepted by someone else.