Seriously, it is. Great rappers are spitting their rhymes over electro beats, girl artists are making it famous simply cause of their music genre (you suck Ke$ha), electro remixes of songs are turning into club bangers – hell, old people probably bang out to electro. Nonetheless, it’s probably cause these songs are [expletive deleted] sick. If you don’t know these few, download immediately:

First and foremost, found this one earlier today while “studying” in the library. I don’t know what it is about free wi-fi in the library, but it just makes me listen to songs and play text-twist rather than read my econ e-text. This is a must download :
HAIL ELECTRO! I will only tell you to absolutely hear a song once ever, so pay attention!!!! oh so good. The twelves absolutely kills it on this remix
I love phoenix, and I’m saying a premature sorry to phoenix fans (including myself) for putting any rapper over the beat of 1901, but enjoy this remix. Listen to and find it here:
ok, see you next week when i finish my finals (ECON RULES).
Nevermind, bonus track. Wakka flakka’s no hands has been dropped over a ton of beats recently, but the potomac boys club kills it by putting his words over ellie goulding’s lights. Get this song here:
Bumpin beats,
Yours Truly
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