Hey Basement dwellers! “¦ Wait, that’s a really creepy name to call our readers. Off to a good start.


Hey guys! We’re excited to announce our first annual Campus Basement Halloween Contest. Now that we’re a bunch of miserable alums who all miss our glory days, we want to live vicariously through your awesome Halloween photos this weekend. You’re going to be taking tons of pics and putting them all over Facebook anyway, so why not win a FANTAAAAASTIC PRIZE for them?


We’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card. Which means you can order whatever embarrassing things you want with it and it won’t show up on dad’s credit card bill! Nice!


All you have to do is send your funny, scary, insane, ridiculous, inebriated Halloween photos tocampusbasement@gmail.com. We’ll put them on our Facebook page Sunday, Oct 30 at 5pm. The photo with the most “likes’ by Sunday, Nov 6 at 5pm will be declared the winner of the $100 Amazon card.


Got it? No? I mean, it’s pretty simple. Try reading it again. If you still don’t get it, take a good, hard look at your reading comprehension skills, then email us your question.



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