As OccupyWallStreet almost reaches it’s 5th week of protest and is prevalent in over 70 cities, notoriously liberal Ithaca has, of course, staged its own version of this protest in the downtown commons. And, seeing as there is no large financial organization to picket in the small town of Ithaca, protesters have taken to sitting outside the Bank of America drive-through ATM to show their support for their New York City counterparts.

One such protester, a down-on-his-luck man named Jim had this to say: “Well, this actually all started because I was begging for money by the ATM. Then all these people showed up with signs to join this protest. Really, I just wish they’d stop blowing up my spot so I can get some singles.”
A grand total of 8 people have been relentlessly advocating their beliefs, holding up signs such as ‘Wall Street Can Suck My Debt’, ‘Since I Don’t Have A Job, I’m Gonna Harass Your Ass’, and ‘My Arms Are Tired’.
Most of the protesters declined to comment for this article, but the few who did had this to say:
“Honestly, I’m just here to sell these hippies weed,” said a man who declined to be named. “They may not be able to afford housing, or even basic toiletries, but they have no problem dropping $20 for that kush.”
Another person, Cheryl, stated “I think that this whole situation is an atrocity. I mean, how could anyone support what these big business are doing?! The Marcellus Shale needs to be protected…wait, this isn’t a protest against fracking?…This is OccupyIthaca? Screw this then.”