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Poll: Marist Students Unaware of Library Hours

Article by Piliour October 5, 2010

A recent poll indicates that 99% of Marist students are unaware of Cannavino Library’s hours. In fact, 83% of students believe that the library is only open during the week before midterms, and finals week.   “Total mind blow,” said Joe DiMarco, one of the students polled. “Not the fact that students don’t know the... MORE »

Article by smalls
November 30, 2010

Music Monday

well, it’s actually been tuesday for over 2 hours now, but Music Monday sounds sweet. Diddy dirty money – I’m coming home � Sixstring King house remix – Kesha We R Who We R Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are Skrillex Batboi Remix Bonus Track: Germany Mega-Mashup MORE »

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Picture by jwoww
September 6, 2011

Rain Returns to Ithaca; Freshman Has First of Many Mental Breakdowns

This poor lil’ guy was found sitting in the middle of College Ave this past Sunday as the rain poured down and everyone in Ithaca resumed hating their lives and questioning why they ever came here in the first place. As told by an eyewitness who asked if the emo sitter was alright, “he said... MORE »

Article by emcorbet
October 7, 2010

MISSING PERSON: Suspected link to student responding to Orange Alert

After Tuesday’s Orange Alert test, one student is believed to have suffered the email’s implied punishments. The email (an example is shown) reads that it is just a test and that receivers should not respond to it. Johnny Doesn’tListenToDPSEmails however, wondered what repercussions an Orange Alert test email could enact on him. “I heard him... MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
November 11, 2011

MU Greek GPA’s Plummet Due to Adderall Shortage

   Three things and three things alone dictate the survival of the residents in greek town; sex, adderall and beer.     With finals threatening to surface in a month, frequent trips to gas stations all around Columbia have become a must in order to stock up on Natural Light. Wall’s of shame have transformed into... MORE »

Article by Cailin Lowry
March 17, 2012

All-Nighters and Being Single: A Commensurable Analysis

It is 4:48am and rather than write my paper on the commensurability (or lack thereof) of paradigms in scientific revolution (don’t lie, I just impressed the hell out of you*), I am here writing this article. It is late. I want to sleep. I want to sleep more than basically anything – in this moment,... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 4, 2010

Fab Melo vs. Car Melo

Carmelo Anthony, the man who helped deliver Syracuse basketball’s first and only national championship, has a new role model in Fab Melo. In fact, Carmelo has considered changing his name so that the back of his jersey, like Fab Melo’s, can simply read, “Melo.” “I’m the original Melo,” said Anthony. “Why didn’t I think to... MORE »

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Article by J.D.Basement
May 7, 2012

Last Will and Testament; Ramapo College, I Leave to You:

–      The right to have a working hand dryer and a stocked soap dispenser coexist in harmony in the upstairs men’s bathroom by the gym. You’ve done a great job at having one at a time, but in this progressive era, you finally bring these two necessities together at the same time.  ... MORE »