There’s been an infamous sign around main campus summer
session that has created some hysterical conversations among students here. The
sign was hung on the boys’ bathroom door earlier this week stating: Please stop masturbating in the boys’ showers.
The drainage pipes cannot handle the amount of semen being produced and
therefore is causing clogs within the system.
It was a legitimate paper
with the Penn State University logo and everything. It is quite obvious the
boys in Mifflin Hall have been a little too horny for the showers to handle and
now the maintenance department had to take charge of the sticky situation. As
far as I know, there has not been as much incidents as there have been since the
sign was first put up but who knows what the school will do next to prevent
such an act from occurring again. Lesson learned”¦ wear flip-flops in the
showers here at PSU.