Cecil Newton, father of top NFL prospect Cam Newton, will eat that bug
for twenty dollars. Not that gross one, the small one on the
sidewalk there.

The embattled Reverend has come under fire
recently for apparently soliciting fees of up to $180,000 to SEC
colleges such as Mississippi State for his son’s services as quarterback.
Despite clear evidence and testimony that Newton attempted to sell his
son’s eligibility, no charges have been filed.

When questioned about the purpose of eating said insect, Newton
responded “wanna see me put my foot behind my head? Ten bucks.”

When asked about his father’s insect-related entrepreneurship, Cam
Newton responded through his agent: “I love and respect my father and
his decisions. I do not know of any deals that were struck nor would
I condone anything illegal. Please don’t make him eat a stinkbug again.”

The bug appears to be a hairless caterpillar or one of those
roly-poly things.

It could not be reached for comment.