Do you like free money? Do you like not working very hard for it at all?

[Cue cheesy music] Hi, I’m Alex Rosenthal. And if you answered “no” to either of these then I can’t really help you. Also you’re a weirdo. But if you answered “yes” to both, then College Book Renter‘s blog and student community College+Life has proposed a pretty awesome deal exclusive to Campus Basement readers. You can be entered into a pool to win $200 cash, which should make great textbook money (or beer money if you’re a senior). Here’s how it works:

1.) Visit their site here:
2.) Subscribe to their email list on the righthand corner. We promise you won’t be spammed – you’ll just be notified of new college life-related posts on their blog, which is kinda like ours but less offensive and snarky.
3.) Comment on any post (using the same email you used to sign up for the newsletter) saying “Campus Basement sent me,” so they know where you came from.
4.) Boom! You’ll be entered into a raffle made up exclusively of Basement readers for a chance to win $200.

Pretty simple, right? $200 is a lot of money just to sign up for a newsletter about college life and tips. With that money, you can buy an iPhone, or 800 gumballs. What do you got to lose? Give it a go and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Good luck!