I’m sure this has been done before. Actually, I’m not, but I’m assuming it has. Regardless, here’s my “you know you go to college when”¦”

“¢    You’ve seen every viral video and have invented a drinking game to each and every one.

“¢    You are like bizzaro-Jesus in that your body is able to convert wine/beer/liquor/marijuana into water. How else would you be alive?

“¢    You may not have seen Twilight, but you can relate to sleeping through the day and committing evil deeds under cover of night.

“¢    The only effect coffee has on your body is making it easier to swallow Adderall.

“¢    Your wardrobe consists mainly of T-shirts that sport slogans from major campus events. Also minor campus events. Also just the name of the school.

“¢    You spend more money on books than you do on food, yet you consume much more food than you do information.

“¢    You think it’s “too expensive” to go to a movie, but you’ll spend four times the amount on alcohol/weed and then watch a pirated version of that same movie.

“¢    You have been taught how to Dougie.

“¢    Someone asks you what’s going on in the world and you recite a) your Facebook feed or b) the results of the latest sporting event.

“¢    Your big day consists of walking across campus to get brunch. And maybe, if you feel like it, walking back to your dorm to go back to bed and watch Jersey Shore until you go out drinking.

“¢    You despise the phrase “We party than you pre-game,” yet you believe that it’s true.

“¢    You do party harder than I pre-game.

“¢    You’re in the midst of the best four years of your life.

If you have anything to add to the list, comment below!