“I love Cox”

Emory students, please be careful about what you say on campus. Statements can be easily misinterpreted. Listed below are pointers that will help prevent you from embarrassing yourself on campus.

1)      Ladies, please be careful about how you phrase things while eating at Cox Hall. DO NOT say “I am going to grab Cox!,”  “Cox is my favorite!” etc. . . There are many fraternity bros out there more than willing to spread rumors about you! Don’t be that girl where at a party everyone is whispering, “Is that the girl that loves Cox?” 2

2)      In addition, do not refer to the Student Activity and Academic Center as the SAAC. The SAAC can also be easily misinterpreted. Ladies, I sincerely hope you follow my advice so as not to make a fool of yourself on campus.

3)      Gentleman, do not refer to the Boisfeuillet Jones Center as the BJ Center. Making an appointment at the BJ Center makes you sounds very desperate.

4)      Lastly, do not say you are getting Woody at the Woodruff Residential Center.  Rather, you should say you are eating at Woodruff.

I hope you take precaution and follow these easy steps.