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Article by J Groot
March 18, 2012


Dear Admiral Incrediboss, I have trouble getting myself out of bed in the mornings to go to class. I have an alarm, but whenever it goes off I get up, open my window, hurl the alarm clock out and resume sleeping. Once my roommate tried to wake me up and I swear I did my... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
February 18, 2012

Bike Traffic Safety: Written For and By (Insane) Bikers

Without laws our society would crumble like so many cookies. Our campus bike traffic is abnormally apocalyptic and Highlander-y, so we here at Campus Basement want to say: good job! That’s how you do it ““ mow down pedestrians/each other, take no prisoners but take the heads for trophies. For those who need help remembering... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
February 6, 2012

Survey says 96% of women’s friends “could do so much better”

When polled randomly about their heterosexual lady-friends’ objects of affection, 96% of female students claimed a decisive “she could do so much better than him!” Follow up quotes from those surveyed were illuminating about the reasons why: “I tell her she could do so much better every day,” one freshman says sadly. “In a world... MORE »

Article by USC Staff
January 27, 2012

Weekly Sex: Never Been Kissed

Once a week has never been so satisfying. Weekly Sex, I’m not the only one in this situation, I’ve definitely talked to other people who are the same way, but it’s almost the end of freshman year and I’ve still never kissed anybody. Should I just keep waiting?? I don’t want all the pressure to... MORE »

Article by USC Staff
January 20, 2012

Weekly Sex: The Spark

Once a week has never been so satisfying. Dear Weekly Sex, Ever since getting back from winter break, sex hasn’t really been the same with my partner. I guess since we haven’t been together in a little while, it feels kind of awkward. How can we bring back the spark? – Feeling Off Dear Mr./Miss... MORE »

Article by USC Staff
December 22, 2011

What I’d Want for Christmas if I Were 4 (USC)

This article is part of our “Let’s Keep This Website Awesome Over Winter Break” Tournament series. Check out the opposing article here and be sure to ‘like’ your favorite! It’s hard to remember Christmas at age four. To our adult minds, those days are like the North Pole one foggy Christmas Eve: the Santas of... MORE »

Article by USC Staff
December 16, 2011

Weekly Sex with the CB Staff: Cheating?

Once a week has never been so satisfying. Weekly Sex ““ My girlfriend wants to “take a break” over winter break. I know this is to have some… freedom at home, which I’m actually excited to take advantage of myself, but the thought of my girlfriend with anyone else kills me. I know that’s a... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
December 14, 2011

Popular Cell Phone Games And Their Life Philosophies

The innocuous little time-wasters we play on our cell phones, at bus stops and parties we didn’t want to go to, may have more to say than you thought. Whether purposely or not, every game is lined subtly with an attitude, an assertion, about the way the world works and how to handle it. For... MORE »

Article by USC Staff
December 9, 2011

Weekly Sex with the CB Staff: Virginity

Dear Weekly Sex, With all the different kinds of sex out there, I was wondering what you all think it means to lose your virginity, or be a virgin? – No Reason Just Wondering, sophomore Dear Mr./Ms. Wondering, Whoa. Are you telling me that other stuff counts towards your non-virgin status? Why have I never... MORE »