5. Tornado Siren:
They will cock their head, collect their valuables and move to the basement.
4. Someone Logging in to AOL:
They patiently wait for “the AOL guy” to say you’ve got mail. When he doesn’t, they will say, “Someones probably using the phone, that’s why it’s taking so long.”
3. The TV:
“Honey! The sound on the television is screwed up again!” They will proceed to hit the remote until the sound stops.
2. Falling Metal Objects:
They will yell to wherever the sound is coming from, “Are you okay!”
1. The End Of Their Youth:
When told that this is what young people listen to they will realize that they have fully crossed over into adulthood, are now uncool, and will proceed to talk about that Van Halen show they went to in college. Then they will talk about how much they hate hippies.