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Article by Leah Folta
December 14, 2011

Popular Cell Phone Games And Their Life Philosophies

The innocuous little time-wasters we play on our cell phones, at bus stops and parties we didn’t want to go to, may have more to say than you thought. Whether purposely or not, every game is lined subtly with an attitude, an assertion, about the way the world works and how to handle it. For... MORE »

Article by Eric Pratt
November 10, 2011


Those in the area of L.A. Live on Saturday and Sunday might have seen some strange people, costumed as superheroes, monsters, and nerds, going in and out of the Los Angeles Convention Center.  A crowd of 30,000 fans, according to some estimates, geeked out the large indoor space for two days. Josh N. Mebreaux, member... MORE »

Picture by Leigh
October 7, 2011

Math Library Needs to Recalculate its Priorities

it’s cool if I leave my iPod and laptop alone here right?  MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
December 9, 2010

Harry Potter

so many closet nerds on campus MORE »