Nerds campus-wide have decided to make it easy on the rest of the campus or the, “normies.” They have taken to tying colored bandanas around their heads as a signal of their nerdism. Sources say they have also started carrying Nerf guns around to further illustrate their nerdity.

What are these nerds doing? Supposedly they’re playing a new game called “Humans vs. Zombies.” Or, as the normies call it, “Nerd Fight.”

The object of the game, or so is my understanding, is to ensure that the people playing the game are incapable of making friends with anyone who isn’t playing the game. Ways of going about this include hitting innocent bystanders with Nerf bullets, wearing strange headbands, screaming about the undead, and running around like a bunch of morons.

Speculations have begun to arise as to how to make the game more interesting or challenging. It seems that the best way to go about this would be to require each player, once the game has ended, to attempt to speak to a member of the opposite sex. Then again, it might be too hard.

It might also be difficult to speak to them. (See what I did there?)