As the year comes to a close, you will notice that you have a good amount of money in various services at Syracuse. Don’t let these go to waste! Here are a few ways to spend that extra cash.

1) Do what the entire basketball team does all season: buy 400 gatorades at Goldstein on South Campus.
2) Take your girlfriend/boyfriend out to dinner at the Inn Complete on South Campus”¦. every night for the next 3 weeks. Did somebody say, cheap date?
3) Buy up all the water on campus, and cause a shortage. Then resell it back to the University at the price they mark up our books!
4) Go to the Watson Food Store, and buy some bleach. See Laundry Part(2).

Print Quota
1) Create an all black image, and print it 500 times.
2) Print out the rest of your print quota with the CuseMyCampus logo, walk to the quad, accidentally trip, and throw all the paper in the air.
3) Wait until some kid busts in the computer lab, and needs to print out a paper that is due in 5 minutes. Sit at your computer and keep clicking print”¦

1) Be a mench. Find the nearest homeless person (generally on Marshall Street) and offer him a laundry service. Don’t be weirded out by his nakedness while his clothes dry.
2) Remember that kid on your floor who was a dick to you all year? Go down and do laundry when he does laundry. Except, take that bleach you bought in Supercard Part(4) and accidentally pour some in his load. Oopsie!
3) Buy some tequila, ice, and margarita mix. Drop these in your washing machine. Throw a party. Brag about your awesome blender!