Guess whos back with a better name that doesnt constrain them to writing every week? this bitch.

So about an hour and a half ago (it is currently 1:21 am) e-603‘s newest mixtape Smokeshow dropped. If it wasnt for my dear friend Tyler over at the Penn State campus basement branch I wouldnt have even known.

For those of you who are confused on who exactly e-603 is,
For sophomores and older: were you at juice jam last year? You know Super Mash Bros? Yeah. Same concept.
For Freshmen and others who are unware of this gift that is e-603, heres one of my personal favorite off the first mixtape Something For Everyone

My personal favorites on Smokeshow are All the Kids, Tear it Up, Bang Bang for the fast opening with drake and We got the beat, even the little bit of Jbiebz in there sounds not half bad. and Every Weekend just for 603 incorporating No Hands by Wocka Flocka into the end.

Fucking. Brilliant.

get it here

now bump this shit this weekend, its gonna be fucking gorgeous