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Article by Sheldon J
December 4, 2010

Mac Computer Crashes After Photo Booth Overload

Today was a sad day for freshman Sarah Shelowitz when her rumored to be invincible Macbook Pro suddenly crashed, turned off and would not turn back on again “All I was doing was taking black and white pictures of myself on photo booth while waiting for my friends to come over to drink some healthy... MORE »

Picture by Syracuse Staff
October 29, 2010

Hmm. I thought Taiwan Was A Township

I guess he’s right in assuming that Taiwan is NOT a county. MORE »

Article by apost
September 21, 2010

Sun meets daily quota of 6 errors. Editors celebrate success

And I quote… “During that semester, I experienced more diversity than I probably ever will again. From trying new foods and learning about the United Arab Emeritus” ….Terrorists have attacked for far less than not knowing the name of one of the richest federations in the world. MORE »