Well good evening! Ive missed you! Heres whats happened since we last spoke:
Im now a Campus Basement Staff member!!!! woooo!!
so thanks for that

okay so now that its like snowy and cold, this is usually the time of year where i put on really chunky scarves throw snow at cars, break into golf courses to go sledding, drink spiked hot chocolate and push in front of maniac parents for the last Tickle me Elmo.

So very cuddly. Well worth the black eye and broken nose.

Also, my music taste shifts to more of an indie undertone and to some classic favorites. One of my life long favorite winter bands has always been Oasis. Dont know them?
Yeah you do:

Ive been a fan of them for quite some time but didnt really start getting into them until i understood that while Wonderwall is a perfectly cliche song, there are many more unappreciated hits that the band produced. But i guess as a hormonal teenager looking desperately for love, I could see it being tough to get past a good looking boy of the same age singing I dont believe that any body feels the way I do about you now. Bring on the facebook statuses. With that in mind, I bring to you something that far surpasses the song Wonderwall. Noel Gallagher, Oasis’s front man has put out a ton of live acoustic albums with some of their best songs on them. One of my personal favorites that I completely forgot about until like 2 days ago is The Dreams We Have As Children, a charity live album in support of a foundation called Teenage Cancer Trust. It was recorded on 27 March 2007  (Either I never said that all the music was gonna be new or I did and it was a blatant lie. sorry bout that.).  The set is all acoustic live and its awesome.

My personal favorite songs off the album are:
Listen Up
Half the World Away
Talk Tonight
Cast No Shadow
The Importance of Being Idle

So enjoy that

Okay. Im freezing.


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