Was your Christmas jolly? Did you have eight crazy nights? Was your New Year’s Eve a (drunken) night to forget? Well, no one gives a fuck now that you’re back at school! And here’s 8 awkward things – and 8 awesome things – about being back on the hill.


  1. Hearing other people’s drunken stories from back home.
  2. “Shit, did I really leave my room this messy before break? Is that a block of cheese? …..I wonder if it’s still good.”
  3. Class introductions. It’s kind of uncomfortable introducing myself to people I’ve awkwardly made eye contact with / Facebook stalked last semester.
  4. That cringeworthy moment when your sock slips off your foot inside your snow boots.
  5. “I can make food just as good as mom does…or I could just eat this packet of ramen that expires in 2056. What’s in this, anyway?”
  6. Internship hunt. Can’t I just stay in school forever? I’d rather take a lifelong part-time job at McDonald’s than start looking for an internship.
  7. Remembering bathroom etiquette. What do you mean I can’t leave my underwear and towel on the floor? THIS IS WHERE I SHIT, SO I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.
  8. “Your textbooks cost $300, plus $65 for an unspecified SU tax, $20 for our bagging fee and an additional $40 to fund the Chancy Nancy statue we’re building on top of the Dome. And that watch you’re wearing.”
  1. Telling other people your drunken stories from back home.
  2. SUperfood point renewal. Kimmel runs, baby!
  3. Building a blanket fort. I don’t care what anyone says, but when it’s wintertime, I’m building my damned blanket fort.
  4. Who needs real food when you can have gummy bears and chocolate milk for dinner?
  5. Blackboard class rosters! Time to stalk more people on Facebook.
  6. “OMG, I can wear my favorite black North Face with my favorite black leggings again!!!!!!! BTW, this tan looks totally real, right???”
  7. I finally have an excuse to look like a bum when I go to class. Excuse you, but yes, this Forever Lazy is necessary to my survival in the tundra.
  8. That whole education thing. I knew I was here for a reason.